How to influence Clients?

  1. Use plain english
  2. Use the Client’s language (reduces cognitive load for them)
  3. Respect their communication preferences
    • If they prefer formal reports, provide it. If they like informal updates, do that instead
    • Schedule meetings at times they like.
  4. Understand what they value (they may not say this up-front)
  5. Anticipate what they may need and provide it
  6. Well dressed and groomed
  7. Send emails with proper grammar and no typos
  8. Never criticize, condemn, or complain in front of the Client
    • Take setbacks in stride
    • Have a positive energy about yourself
  9. Value Client’s feedback and make a quick change if possible
    • There is nothing better than gaining a feedback from the Client and making behavioral or changes to your action. This tells them that we listen.
    • Ask if there is one thing you would change, what would that be?
  10. Lead effective meetings
    • Be on time
    • Send out a meeting agenda
    • Send a follow-up afterwards
  11. Let the Client be in control
    • Provide options and your recommendation. Let the Client make the final decision.
    • Do not present options that you are not willing to implement. Say so.
    • If there is an option that you would like the Client to pick, mention that up-front and ask for permission.
  12. Use appropriate language in the Ritz-Carlton side
    • Ex: My pleasure instead of No worries
  13. Send them books and articles that aligns with their interests
  14. Share a laugh with them. Don’t be too serious.

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